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Preparing Fido for Baby

  • Is your dog fearful or anxious when he hears babies cry?
  • Does he run and hide when he’s around babies?
  • Does he get overly excited when he hears babies laugh, giggle or babble?

Now you can help your dog acclimate and relax around baby sounds with this high-quality recording.

This CD contains a comprehensive collection of baby sounds to help parents or parents-to-be acclimate not only Fido, but their felines as well, to all the sounds that babies can make. If your pet is sound sensitive, or nervous about sounds children make, get started with this CD now to help your pets be happy and comfortable around babies.

Over 40 minutes of baby sounds! Among the recorded sounds are crying, screaming, cooing, squeaking, babbling, giggling, breathing and grunting sounds made by real babies!

Preparing Fido CD
Price - $19.50
(Price Includes Domestic Shipping)
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If you are expecting a new baby, add our DVD or Audio CD program “Helping Fido Welcome Your Baby” to the Preparing Fido CD. Together they give you a complete package to help prepare your dog for the arrival of your new baby. Are you worried about your dog being jealous or starting to urine-mark in the house? Will there be problems because you allow your dog on the furniture, on the bed, or to ride loose in the car? What will you do the first day baby comes home? Learn how to handle these issues and more, plus how best to use the Preparing Fido CD to desensitize your dog to baby sounds.

Special package prices! Save 15%!

Helping Fido DVD Program plus Preparing Fido Audio CD - $53.90 (a $10 savings!) Includes domestic shipping
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Helping Fido Audio CD Program plus Preparing Fido Audio CD - $44.90 (a $9 savings!) Includes domestic shipping
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