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Clicker Training for Dogs Kit

“Clicker training” has become a popular dog training technique. While we consider it only one of many tools in our tool box, using a clicker to train your dog does have its advantages.

The value of a very discrete, brief sound like the clicker is that it can accurately ‘mark’ a specific behavior (assuming your timing is correct!). “Marking” a behavior means that you are giving your dog more precise feedback about the exact behaviors you like. This precision can be important when you need to reward behaviors that may occur only briefly, such as when your dog looks away from another dog.

Your dog will quickly learn that the “click” predicts a treat will follow, resulting in the click itself becoming reinforcing. Clicker training is wonderful for puppies because they are so open to learning new things and will easily learn to offer you new behaviors to figure out what makes YOU click!

Karen Pryor’s starter kit is very easy to understand and you and your children will have fun experimenting teaching your dog the behaviors described in the booklet. Once both you and your dog get the hang of it, you can move on to using the click-and-treat method for more important behaviors.

We used the click and treat method when our Irish setter Coral was a puppy and we both enjoyed it. A few of the behaviors we taught her with this method were to “high five”, sit, down, and “touch”. We continue to use the clicker method when helping our clients’ dogs with behavior problems.

This kit includes two clickers, a small bag of treats, the 52 page book, “Clicker Training for Dogs”, 15 tips for getting started with the clicker and a copy of “Don’t Shoot the Dog News”.

Everything you need to get started training your dog the clicker way!

Price - $21.95
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