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Is your dog afraid of shouts, yells, cries, screams and other sounds from children?

Dogs are afraid of children for many reasons, but one of them is often the sounds children make. High pitched children’s voices, sudden shouts and screams, and the rapid and unpredictable variations in intensity make vocalizations from children quite different from those of adults.

While you may not be able to easily create gradual, controlled exposure experiences to “real” children for your dog, this CD gives you a GREAT place to start with the sounds children make which is usually one component of dogs’ fears.

This digitally mastered audio CD of children’s vocalizations, and is specially designed to be used with counter conditioning and desensitization programs to help the child-phobic pet overcome its fears. The gradual exposure to the noise that this CD affords, when paired with something your dog enjoys immensely, creates a powerful behavior modification experience that is even used with people. Pair with a life size doll and you have an even more powerful training tool.

To help you get started, with your order, we’ll even include a two page downloadable handout on “Implementing Counter Conditioning and Desensitization Techniques” effectively. For a more thorough explanation of these techniques, we recommend our “Using Counter Conditioning and Desensitization Techniques Effectively” 2 CD set. Buy this program combined price.

Sound Sensabilities™ Children CD
Price - $25.95
(Price Includes Shipping)
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The CD contains 40 to 50 minutes of sounds.

Sound Sensabilities™ Children CD + “Using Counter Conditioning and Desensitization Effectively” CD. Save over 10%!
Price - $61 (Price Includes Shipping)
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