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Managing Chaos at the Door

Do you have to wrestle with your dog every time someone tries to come in the door because he’s out of control, jumping up, nosing or pawing them?

Is your dog fearful of people that come to the door? Worse yet, is he threatening to them?

Have the things you’ve tried in the past simply not worked?

If you’re frustrated with these problems and want to resolve it once and for all, we have the help you need!

Most dogs get excited and out of control when someone comes to the door. Most of this is normal behavior for dogs, but it can be annoying, embarrassing and in some cases, down right dangerous. In this 50 minute audio presentation, you’ll learn -

  • The different causes for problems at the door
  • The changes in your attitude that can greatly reduce the problem
  • Short-tem ways to manage the problem as you work to resolve it
  • The four preparatory steps you and your family must take before trying to solve the problem
  • Eight different strategies that will stop Chaos at the Door
  • When punishment is appropriate and how to use it effectively
  • How and when to use tools such as anti-bark collars and electronic containment systems
  • How to prevent Chaos at the Door problems from developing in puppies and new dogs

Don’t wait! The problem will not get better on its own (learn why in the program!). Claim your copy now.

Audio CD: $12.95 includes shipping
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