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How Fido Learns Best

We commonly hear the following from dog owners:

  • “He knows better but he does it anyway”
  • “He only does it when he wants to”
  • “He only does it if I have a treat”
  • “My dog should work for me not for food”
  • “He knows he shouldn’t do it because he looks guilty when I come home or show him his mess”

All of these comments reflect breakdowns in your training that can be remedied with what you’ll learn in our “How Fido Learns Best” program. Even the most experienced, dedicated, loving dog owners – and we’ve worked with literally thousands of them – don’t know much about how their dogs learn. Even human psychologists who know about learning theory still frequently have a difficult time applying their knowledge to their pets. We’ve even lectured to graduate students in clinical psychology who didn’t yet “get it” when applying what they knew about learning theory to real life situations.

After listening to this 4 hour+ program you’ll be able to use rewards (more accurately called reinforcement) and punishments effectively rather than being frustrated because your dog just doesn’t “get it”. If you want your dog to “get it”, you have to know how to teach him.

Find out what kind of reinforcement works best for your dog and how frequently you should reward your dog. Think you should reward him EVERY time he does good? Think again. The answer isn’t always yes. Learn why your praise often isn’t enough for your dog and how you can make praise more rewarding.

You’ll discover the two types of punishment and why the one you’re used to using (“positive punishment”) is often the least effective tool for the job, especially when it’s delivered by you rather than remotely. And yes “time outs” can be used for dogs too, but most owners use them incorrectly, so they have no effect or sometimes actually make bad behavior worse.

The program comes with pages and pages of notes and examples for you to work with. Even if you are working with a trainer or behavior consultant, when YOU have the knowledge in this program you’ll be able to implement the prescribed training techniques much more effectively AND be better able to judge whether you’re getting good information!

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