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Understanding Dogs That Eat Poop: Coprophagia

Does your dog eat poop? Are you confused about why he does it? Are you frustrated because you can’t seem to stop it?

We have answers for you!

For many people there is nothing more disgusting than a dog that eats feces – what animal behaviorists call coprophasia. Some eat the poop of other species such as geese, horses or cats, while others eat the feces of other dogs or even eat their own feces.

Now, in this innovative educational program from two world-renown animal behavior experts, you’ll get the straight “scoop” on the eating of poop!

In this 25 minute audio CD program, you’ll learn:

  • Six reasons why a dog might eat poop
  • An attitude adjustment – a different way to think about why dogs eat poop
  • Medical problems that can be caused by poop-eating
  • Five ways to prevent the problem
  • Ways to manage the problem as you try to resolve it
  • Eight different strategies for resolving the problem
  • How and when to use punishment to stop it
  • The most effective and humane ways to use punishment
  • Four things NOT to do if your dog is eating poop

Don’t wait! You don’t have to be frustrated by your dog’s behavior. Learn what the experts know! Claim your copy now.

Audio CD:
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12.95 (Price Includes Shipping)
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