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Roles Rules and Relationships:
Reinterpreting the Meaning of “Dominance”

Facts and Myths About the “Alpha Dog”

  • Discover why popular ideas about dominance can damage your relationship with your dog
  • Find out if tug-of-war and letting your dog sleep on the bed are the ‘no-no’s’ they’ve been made out to be.

Listen to a live recording of Dr. John Wright (bio) being interviewed by Dr. Suzanne Hetts.

Starting at 3 weeks, a puppy begins to form social relationships within the family. These social relationships can be understood in terms of the different roles that each dog plays. The role that the dog takes on is often the best predictor of its’ subsequent behavior.

The dominance relationship is one of the social relationships dogs are prepared to learn for purposes of family stability. A dominant behavior is different than a dominant role, which is different than a dominant personality trait. Dr. Wright will discuss the difference among behaviors, traits, and roles, based on 30 years of research, to help you better describe, understand, and influence dog-dog and dog-person social relationships.

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