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Understanding Canine Conflict

Are your dogs fighting or threatening to fight with each other?

Is your dog threatening to other dogs on walks, in the yard or at the park?

Want to solve your problem?

Want to prevent it from getting worse?

If your answer is yes to these questions, you need this DVD.

Conflicts among dogs are among the most serious and frustrating problems that a dog owner can deal with. They can be dangerous to the dogs and to people who get near a fight or try to break it up.

Now, in this concise and thorough DVD program, you can learn what causes conflicts between dogs, how to manage and prevent them from occurring and how to resolve them. The authors, Drs. Hetts and Estep have successfully worked with thousands of owners of aggressive dogs. Now you can have the benefit of their experience to help you with your own problems. This DVD has captured some exceptional video images of dogs in conflict situations. You’ll see first hand how these dogs look and act in these situations.

In this DVD you’ll learn –

  • The three situations where conflicts are most likely to develop
  • The major factors that influence conflicts – how likely they are to develop, to get worse or to be resolved
  • Ten steps you can take to prevent conflicts from developing among your dogs
  • Three different ways to manage dogs with conflict problems
  • Behavior modification techniques that can help resolved conflict problems
  • The role that medications can play in resolving conflict behavior
  • What NOT to do if you have a dog that gets into conflicts with others
  • Why punishment for threatening or fighting is usually a BAD idea

This program won’t tell you how to fix your dog’s problems. Working with threatening or aggressive dogs is complicated and potentially dangerous and you should seek professional help from a qualified behavior expert. But this program will give you the best information about how these problems are managed and resolved so you can make the best decisions about your dog.

This program is also available as an audio CD. Same great information only in an audio format. Click here to go to the CD [Link to Understanding Canine Conflict CD product page].

Don’t wait! Conflict behavior problems rarely get better on their own. Claim your copy now.

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12.95 (Price Includes Shipping)
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