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Canine Behavior: Observing and Interpreting Canine Body Postures

By Suzanne Hetts, PhD, CAAB, Daniel Q. Estep, PhD, CAAB and David Grant, DVM Produced by Animal Care Training, Inc.

There is virtually unanimous agreement among expert behavior consultants from all backgrounds, that a lack of understanding of canine communication and body language directly contributes to people being bitten as well as to other behavior problems. Dog owners simply do not know how to “read” their dogs and are unaware of most of the important signals their dogs are giving them, and misinterpret them when they do observe them. Even if you’ve lived with dogs for years, we guarantee you do not know what this program can teach you about how your dog communicates.

If your dog yawns, do you know what action you should take and why? (The answer is NOT he’s sleepy and needs rest!) Did you know that a wagging tail is frequently not a sign of friendliness? Many dog owners believe their dogs are “just fine” in a situation, when experts observing the same dog can identify numerous signs of stress and anxiety.

This is not made-up “dog whisperer” information. This program teaches how to observe behavior the way that naturalists and behaviors who study animals in the wild do. By learning to apply the same observational skills to your dog you are better equipped to prevent aggression and other behavior problems, and to implement training and behavior management procedures.

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This Canine Body Postures program is a stand-alone product from our complete Canine Behavior For the Shelter and Veterinary staff. and is recommended by the Certification Council of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers for those preparing for certification.


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