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Understanding Fido's Behavior

If you’re like most dog owners, you’ve read the popular literature that compares dogs to wolves and your family to a wolf pack. You have no idea how disconnected these claims are from what the science of animal behavior has to tell us about dog behavior.

Did you know:

That 15,000 years of domestication, have resulted in dogs being predisposed to be submissive to humans and not be the constant status seekers you have been led to believe? Find out how you can create a safe and beneficial relationship with your dog without relying on dangerous and harmful “dominance techniques” and depriving your dog of social privileges.

The “drive theory” of behavior so popular in traditional dog training that attributes behavior to “prey drive”, “pack drive” and such - was discounted by animal behaviorists over 30 years ago? Discover instead what does motivate your dog.

It’s not possible to say a behavior is “30% genetic and 70% environment”. Learn how behavior develops, what the socialization period is all about, and whether you can really “socialize” an adult dog.

This 4 disc program comes with extensive notes. Once you’ve consumed the in- depth information in this program and applied it to how you live with your dog, your appreciation for and ability to communicate with and understand your best friend will increase to an all time high. Your dog will thank his lucky stars you took the time to learn about who he really is.

A GREAT companion to the program is our Canine Body Posture DVD which SHOWS you the communication signals we discuss.

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Canine Body Posture DVD
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