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Rehabilitating the Canine Contender

Helping Dogs Get Along Better With Other Dogs

  • Is your dog threatening or aggressive to other dogs?
  • Do you find it difficult to take your dog out on walks or to dog parks?
  • Are you worried that your dog might get into a fight with other dogs?
  • Are you unsure of the best way to help your dog?

    This audio CD can help!

Dog aggressive dogs are disturbing and embarrassing for owners. People find it difficult to take these dogs out in public for fear of encountering another dog. Consequently, many of these dogs are socially isolated from other dogs for the rest of their lives, their quality of life decreases and some are surrendered to shelters or euthanized.

What can be done to help these dogs and to control and mange them in class? Can these dogs be re-introduced into the canine community or even safely taken for walks without a fight occurring? Are so-called growl or feisty fido classes the answer? What do these classes involve, and what should trainers and owners know before considering them?

In this live-recorded interview, Ms. Pia Silvani (bio) answers these questions and more, based on her years of experience instructing Feisty Fido classes at St. Hubert’s Dog Training School, in Madison NJ, where she is also the Director.

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