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76 Ways To Get Your Dog To Do What You Want

If your Fido could talk, she would without a doubt tell you to read this booklet YESTERDAY!! Written from your dog’s point of view by Harry the Hound, with explanations from us, this little booklet packs more concrete, cut-to-the-chase ways to have a well behaved dog than 99.9% of the long, involved training books and videos you could buy.

Great to use with your children as well, because they can easily understand and follow through with the one-tip at a time style. Trainers use these in training camps for kids and dogs.

There is really an endless number of effective and humane ways for you to get your dog to do what you want, but if you follow the 76 ways contained in this little booklet you’ll raise the happiest, best behaved dog you’ve ever had!

Inside you’ll find –

  • Why dogs aren’t born with a need to be the “boss” and how “dominance” techniques can ruin your relationship with your dog
  • Why if you think your dog “knows better” your mind set is what’s getting in the way of your dog’s good behavior
  • Discover what a powerful tool tidbits are when used correctly, and how to avoid the “he’ll only do it when I have a treat” trap.
  • How to indulge and spoil your dog while teaching him to do what you want
  • Promises you should make to your dog about things you’ll NEVER do

People always want to know the best (and easiest) ways to get their dogs to do what they want. Now you can learn how!

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By Suzanne Hetts, PhD, CAAB & Daniel Q. Estep, PhD, CAAB
12 pages.

Individual copy price – $ 5.75 (Price Includes Shipping)
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Buy with “What Dogs Need and How They Think” and SAVE –
Both for $9.95 (plus $1.00 shipping)
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