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What Dogs Need And How They Think

Do you feel as if your dog too often outsmarts you? Have you gotten into any “behavioral traps”, giving your dog what he wants so he’ll stop annoying you, but realizing you’ve rewarded the very behavior you don’t like?

Are you a loving pet parent and what to provide your Fido the best quality of life possible and make him happy?

Written from your dog’s point of view by Harry the Hound, with explanations from us, this little booklet really lets you get inside your dog’s head, using scientific behavior knowledge, not made-up information from media personalities.

Great to use with your children because of its one bit of information at a time style. Trainers use these in training camps for kids and dogs.

Inside you’ll discover –

  • Your dog really doesn’t know “right” from “wrong”
  • That dogs don’t act out of spite or revenge
  • Why your dog may not find praise rewarding
  • What your dog is really saying when you think he looks “guilty”
  • Why your Fido may find being hugged scary and how else you can show him you love him

If your Fido could talk, he would BEG you to read this little booklet. The information inside will keep you a step ahead of your dog and make you both happier with each other’s behavior.

Share this page with your local animal shelter or veterinary clinic. This booklet and its companion “What Dogs Need and How They Think” are the PERFECT resources to go home with new dog owners. Contact us for bulk pricing.

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By Suzanne Hetts, PhD, CAAB & Daniel Q. Estep, PhD, CAAB
14 pages.

Individual copy price – $5.75 (Price Includes Shipping)
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Buy with “76 Ways To Get Your Dog To Do What You Want” and SAVE –
Both for $9.95 (plus $1.00 shipping)
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