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Understanding Canine Aggression: A Collection of Articles.

Over 35 articles designed to help you understand dog behavior and avoid dog bites

Aggressive behavior by dogs is one of the most serious problems faced by dog owners and the communities they live in. It is estimated that over 4.8 million people are bitten by dogs every year. The problem has become so severe in some places, that governments have restricted ownership of some dogs.

Now Drs. Estep and Hetts give you the benefit of their scientific training and years of experience working with aggressive dogs with this CD compilation of their articles on canine aggression. They have helped hundreds of families deal with biting dogs. They’ve shared their expertise by lecturing to veterinarians and veterinary technicians, dog trainers, humane societies and animal control organization about why dogs bite and how to prevent, manage and resolve aggression problems. This is the first time you’ll find so many of their articles available in one place.

The first step to successfully managing a dog that has threatened or bitten, is to realize that very few aggression problems are due to dominance aggression. Popular literature has led people astray and promoted “dominance” methods that put people at risk for further bites and dogs at risk for losing their lives.

Learn what the science of animal behavior has to say about threatening and aggressive behavior in this collection of articles and why your dog has likely tried very hard NOT to harm you.

Reading these articles will help you be a more informed dog owner and consumer when you choose a behavior consultant to help you. Be sure and read our Guidelines for doing so after purchasing this article collection. You’ll find a link at the bottom of the page.

Click here to see list of Articles (in pdf format) and then go below to read two of the articles in the collection.

2 Free Sample Articles:

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All articles are in PDF format on one CD-ROM accessed from any computer. A free copy of Adobe Reader that will allow you to open PDF files is available at

Price: $15.95 (includes shipping)

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